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Officers taser the suspect, while he screams can I get a lawyer?

88 days ago, 1661 views
Officers taser the suspect, while he screams can I get a lawyer?
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Habsfan16's avatar
Habsfan16 - 88 days ago  - (Points 21287)
Niggers love watching this and see this as 'entertainment'. "Haha, whitey's gettin rested by them coppers, fuck the whites man, fuck the police or do no gooders whiteys". 98% of the time it's a nigger getting arrested by the cops and pleading innocence as if he dindu nuffin.
oddstrange's avatar
oddstrange - 88 days ago  - (Points 188)
hahaha.. mental defect
USAbaby's avatar
USAbaby - 88 days ago  - (Points 2031)
man.. Englishman are generally hilarious :) Love it. give the man a lawyer ffs.............. lmao
fatcashflow's avatar
fatcashflow - 88 days ago  - (Points 1375)
Dumb fuck

TheRealDeal's avatar
TheRealDeal - 88 days ago  - (Points 1426)
Should have tased the sand-turds on the steps too, fucking moozies are like cockroaches! PS: glad to see UK police finally dealing with stuff with authority, rather than discussing it least that seems to be the videos we see.
PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 88 days ago  - (Points 7370)
Chickenshit bystanders just stood there, I'd have been in there real quick helping the coppers deck him..:)
rcpilotjae's avatar
rcpilotjae - 88 days ago  - (Points 4344)
He can't see, but takes two cops
Gio's avatar
Gio - 88 days ago  - (Points 2284) rcpilotjae
and he is like.. can I get a lawyers? LOL
TheRealDeal's avatar
TheRealDeal - 88 days ago  - (Points 1426) rcpilotjae
Sadly thats because the cops are being conditioned to treat everyone with feather force and be sensitive! Cops are forced to become exactly what men became when the feminist movement said dudes had to be kind and gentle creating a whole fucking generation of soyboys and sensitive metrosexuals who shave their chest legs and balls smooth to be more like an like a 8 year old girl, but oddly grow stupid gnarly beards and wear knit hats and skinny stretchy jeans!
COMMONSENZ - 88 days ago  - (Points 25590) TheRealDeal
Pathetic isn't it.

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