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Trump loving city elected an African refugee mayor

58 days ago, 1737 views
Trump loving city elected an African refugee mayor
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Fry_Swatter - 58 days ago  - (Points 19993)
...Niggers are so fuckin dumb... They are far right lawless anarchist who get controlled by the commie Democrats in the far left to destroy the political center..... You cannot make this shit up.....

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JohnGalt - 58 days ago  - (Points 4485)
Yep ran as an independent and changed to democrat after in office. That should work out well for MT perhaps he can run on Make Montana Wakonda Again. Name one great African country?
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thebestman31 - 58 days ago  - (Points 2345)
Yeah keep those African refugees coming. they will change US for the better!
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moises84 - 58 days ago  - (Points 6104)
shows that Trump voters are not racist, they just hate niggers