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Surveillance Footage Captures NYPD Officers roughly Arresting Teen

91 days ago, 1815 views
Surveillance footage shows NYPD police officers approaching a Brooklyn teen and arresting him while he was walking home from a park. Now his family wants answers after he was falsely arrested last week. PIX 11 reports the video shows 17-year-old Nicholas Simon was walking home in Crown Heights when several officers approached him, placed the teen on the ground, then handcuffed and arrested him. Simon’s friend was also seen trying to intervene but officers charged her with assault. His mother says the teen is traumatized by the incident and thought he would die during the arrest. “He was like ‘mom, I thought that was it. I thought I was going to die because I couldn’t breathe. He’s like ‘mom, I’m so traumatized.’ He’s scared to go outside.”

She added that the teen has minor injuries but she’s worried that the incident will cause further complications due to his sickle cell anemia and asthma. She says he was a GOOD BOY

An NYPD rep says their patrol officers responded to a shooting and found a shell casing in Montgomery Street, they took Simon into custody at the precinct around the corner and issued him a court summons for disorderly conduct.
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scorched_earth - 90 days ago  - (Points 15667)
How many cops did they need ffs
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Habsfan16 - 91 days ago  - (Points 21287)
Stupid f'n niggers.
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saltine - 91 days ago  - (Points 2638)
Black people are allergic to handcuffs. Every time you put them on they cant breathe!
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Fry_Swatter - 91 days ago  - (Points 24014)
....People need to go back to school so they can learn the difference between a teen and a dumb uppity nigger...... Labeling one thing something else does not make it so.....

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JohnGalt - 91 days ago  - (Points 6300)
That’s a very inconspicuous outfit, might want to blend in next time....
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luella19 - 91 days ago  - (Points 1925)
He took to many steeps without dribble "That's Time Out".... "Get him Boys"
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Micha_69 - 91 days ago  - (Points 3361)
Now is not the season to "Wear Red"
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gtfo1 - 91 days ago  - (Points 10324)
lol at he was a good boiii
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Lilibet96 - 91 days ago  - (Points 4451)
Was he black?? "Yes he was" - well there's your answer... Keep of the streets...

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