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The driver with the girl flew out of the SUV when falling from the hill

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A resident of Primorye was hospitalized in serious condition while trying to conquer the Refrigerator hill behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Pajero. An eyewitness videotaped the fall of an SUV from a great height.

"Something the guys seem to be very extreme," - noted the author of the entry before the car started off.She didn’t manage to drive even meters: the SUV fell on its side, after which it rolled over several times, falling down the slope.

The first passenger from the cabin fell out, then the car owner flew out through the hatchway.The driver, born in 1981, was hospitalized in serious condition, his companion after the medical examination was released home
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Kommissar_Rizzo - 174 days ago  - (Points 1479)
You spin me right round, right round like a record, baby, right round.....that songs in my head now
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tinkerdave - 174 days ago  - (Points 1238)
Next day.

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Mamalee - 174 days ago  - (Points 6393) tinkerdave
yeah he looking better for sure lol
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scorched_earth - 174 days ago  - (Points 17681)
Oh shit did that car roll over her aswell ?
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Wardy - 174 days ago  - (Points 4642)
I think they dead

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