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Man Brought A 4-Year-Old Along To Burglarize Home

174 days ago, 1902 views
Man Brought A 4-Year-Old Along To Burglarize Home. BRINGING A 4-YEAR-OLD ALONG, REALLY? A burglary suspect caught inside an Edgewater home is in custody today on a variety of charges including child neglect, after Volusia County sheriff’s deputies found he brought a 4-year-old girl along with him.

Deputies responded to the 100 block of Charles Street around 8 a.m. Thursday after a witness reported a suspicious person carrying around large bags on a neighbor’s property along the river. The owner discovered someone had been on his boat, and some electrical wires had been tampered with in an apparent attempt to start it. The witness also reported the suspect was walking with a little girl, and the girl was also carrying a bag.

Just before noon, another report came in about a man and a little girl walking through back yards on the 100 block of Coleman Street (near the initial incident), and looking into utility sheds. While a deputy was speaking to a woman standing on the second-story deck of her home in the area, he heard a male voice coming from downstairs. The woman said no one else should be in her house. That’s when deputies discovered 35-year-old James Giambra
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crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 174 days ago  - (Points 9341)
Fucking sad. If you're white you'll be hunted soon. Get your shit together and protect your kid asshole.
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 174 days ago  - (Points 9987)
Bring your daughter to work day, criminal edition.
Wardy's avatar
Wardy - 174 days ago  - (Points 4642)
I like taking my kids to steal the lead off the roofs
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 174 days ago  - (Points 11757)
Damn and last week I got busted with Granny when she bought Drugs!
rcpilotjae's avatar
rcpilotjae - 174 days ago  - (Points 6536)
It was his turn to watch the kid today while the wife went to work.......
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 174 days ago  - (Points 32503)
....Daaaaww..... Passing down the family trade to another generation....They grow up and go to jail so fast these days..... Sunrise, sunset.....

Micha_69's avatar
Micha_69 - 174 days ago  - (Points 3581) Fry_Swatter
lmfao, love those
Yeah_Brah's avatar
Yeah_Brah - 174 days ago  - (Points 3139)
He's a responsible parent. He didn't leave his kid unattended when he went out burglarising. Excellent work sir.
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 174 days ago  - (Points 17681) Yeah_Brah
Lmfao you got a good point there Yeah-Brah
Micha_69's avatar
Micha_69 - 174 days ago  - (Points 3581) Yeah_Brah
hahahaha, yeah you are right, also + skills at early age.
rRaTeD's avatar
rRaTeD - 174 days ago  - (Points 992)
fucking retard
GirlGamer's avatar
GirlGamer - 174 days ago  - (Points 1787)
I could not fathom putting a child through that, much less, myself. I pray she gets the help that she needs, and that she sobers up
Koko's avatar
Koko - 174 days ago  - (Points 11350) GirlGamer
some people just born with less brain, unfortunately
Cjhew's avatar
Cjhew - 174 days ago  - (Points 439)
Thank you for protecting people, well done

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