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Knife-wielding woman gets tazed

177 days ago, 2694 views
New body cam footage was released on Wednesday by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, showing two perspectives of an intense exchange between deputies and a woman holding a knife, begging them to shoot her."Drop the knife," deputies scream over and over in the footage while the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Melanie Botts, holds a knife up to her neck. "Shoot me," she screams at deputies repeatedly in the video. "B----, I hope you do it!""Nobody wants to shoot you, Melanie," a deputy said. "Drop the knife!"

Earlier on Monday, FCSO was called out to 20 Beth Lane in Palm Coast because of a reported domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they discovered Botts had threatened her 61-year-old boyfriend with a 12-inch kitchen knife, deputies said. Her boyfriend said his 11-year-old son was present during the altercation and that she wasn't inside the home.

\\\ Deputies searched the property and found Botts in the backyard, holding the knife up to her neck. The video shows her appearing agitated, screaming profanities at deputies and demanding that they shoot her while she held the knife up to her neck and paced back and forth.

"Hahaha, shoot me!," she screams in the video multiple times while deputies command her to drop the knife.

Botts also encouraged their K9 to bite her, deputies said.

"Do you think I give a f---?" she yells.Trying to gain control of the situation, a deputy says in the video, "talk to me, what's going on?"

What she says is incomprehensible, but the deputy continues to try and talk to her.

"Melanie, talk to me," he said. "What's going on?"

After their failed attempts at getting her to drop the knife, the FCSO sergeant tases Botts with his agency-issued taser, causing her to fall to the floor and drop the knife.
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scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 177 days ago  - (Points 17857)
Love the way they hit the deck when tazed hahaha
SouthBayDave's avatar
SouthBayDave - 177 days ago  - (Points 3076)
Speed kills. Buy a Chevy and live forever.
Habsfan16's avatar
Habsfan16 - 177 days ago  - (Points 21891)
F'n drug epidemic going on. Affecting a lot of people.
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 177 days ago  - (Points 9341)
KILL that parasite.
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 177 days ago  - (Points 10038) the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I taze at thee; for hate's sake I spit my Glock at thee.

moises84's avatar
moises84 - 177 days ago  - (Points 6623) JohnGalt
COMMONSENZ - 177 days ago  - (Points 25590)
I don't give a fuc OOOOAARRGHGHHH!!! White whale down!! white whale down!!!!
gtfo1's avatar
gtfo1 - 177 days ago  - (Points 10999)
i don't give a fuck, she yells, cop is like oh is that right, then buzz buzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rofl
Jrokkzv's avatar
Jrokkzv - 177 days ago  - (Points 385)
love american cops, pls drop it, ahh fuck you BUZZZZZZZZZZZT
rRaTeD's avatar
rRaTeD - 177 days ago  - (Points 992)
well done.. big mouth got what she deserved
jig's avatar
jig - 177 days ago  - (Points 860)
stupid bitch fuckin die
Vhugo's avatar
Vhugo - 177 days ago  - (Points 1510) jig
lol what the fuck?go take ur ritalin dumbass

Jmiller's avatar
Jmiller - 177 days ago  - (Points 11907)
she wanna to test the taser I guess. bbbzzzt rhino down

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