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A woman intentionally lights a gas pump on fire after a man refuses to give her a cigarette!

32 days ago, 1978 views
A woman in Israel intentionally lights a gas pump on fire after a man refuses to give her a cigarette! The woman was arrested, and luckily, nobody was hurt!
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Appliantologist's avatar
Appliantologist - 31 days ago  - (Points 4835)
Dude panicked pulled out the pistol and left it on .. ?? Gas won't explode if it's not in a sealed container. Take the pistol off flow, remove it and suffocate the fire with the gas cap. She should be locked up, good thing she doesn't smoke crack and is in Israel :)
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 32 days ago  - (Points 6911)
Crazy Jew bitch.
RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 32 days ago  - (Points 8876)
So, psycho Jew bitch doesn't get the "Terrorist" label because she's one of the self chosen ones, and they can't be criticized..Plus this is Israel and Jews are never wrong. This was not a Terror attack! Hold your fire!
ImAwakeNow's avatar
ImAwakeNow - 32 days ago  - (Points 1627)
Lol too true
Sholomo - 32 days ago  - (Points 13)
he he butt hurt hehe
tat2dbull's avatar
tat2dbull - 32 days ago  - (Points 919)
I love how everyones first reaction is to pull the pump out. Very entertaining.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 32 days ago  - (Points 4654)
Back when I smoked as a young man I carried two packs, one I smoked the other was for bums, that one I rubbed the filters on my ball sack, "Hey Man let me bum a smoke?" I say "Sure thing man!" then laugh my ass off as they light up that ball sack rubbed on Kool menthol cigarette.
Nukemallffs's avatar
Nukemallffs - 32 days ago  - (Points 273)
only the ball sack? I wiped my ass on a few outta the ol bum's pack!
PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 32 days ago  - (Points 4703)
HIM- "Sorry, I don't smoke"......... HER- "We'll soon see about that"
Legpit's avatar
Legpit - 32 days ago  - (Points 2627)
HAHAHAHA, bitch was mad as fuck Spike relative of your mate? hahaha

Zepeeh's avatar
Zepeeh - 32 days ago  - (Points 11647)
luckily the bitch is caught..

uncorkedzebra9's avatar
uncorkedzebra9 - 32 days ago  - (Points 801)
One lucky mofo......... if hes still alive.
Dr.Jones's avatar
Dr.Jones - 32 days ago  - (Points 408)
my kind of woman, crazy ready to swallow
Koko's avatar
Koko - 32 days ago  - (Points 8453)
I found her youtube.. there she is

Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 32 days ago  - (Points 13867)
....That girl is awesome!
hicks's avatar
hicks - 32 days ago  - (Points 1927)
"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!"
Gk's avatar
Gk - 32 days ago  - (Points 1648)
lol! sure about not giving me any cig's? well fu then
Jussijustin's avatar
Jussijustin - 32 days ago  - (Points 7468)
crazy Bitch
Fairenough's avatar
Fairenough - 32 days ago  - (Points 5880)
what a nutter, twat
Zepeeh's avatar
Zepeeh - 32 days ago  - (Points 11647)
fucking give her the cig, damn fool. obviously she is a mental case

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