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Fort Worth police release bodycam footage of fatal shooting

225 days ago, 2015 views
Fort Worth police release bodycam footage of fatal shooting. An officer-involved shooting in Fort Worth on June 9 ended with the death of a 20-year-old man. Today officials released body camera footage of the shooting of JaQuavion Slaton.

During a morning press conference the department showed body camera video of the scene on June 9 in the Stop Six area of the city. It was that day when police say they responded to a disturbance call involving a person with a warrant.

Offices say they searched for the suspect and saw the man get into a vehicle with two other people. According to police, when a traffic stop was attempted two people inside the vehicle, one of them Slaton, jumped out and ran.

Officers found one suspect hiding beneath a vehicle in the backyard of a house in the 5000 block of East Berry Street. He was taken custody without incident.

After showing the body cam video of that arrest, and before showing the recording of Slaton’s shooting, Chief Kraus said, “I show you that video to illustrate that our officers weren’t on a mission to take anyone’s life that day.”
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COMMONSENZ - 223 days ago  - (Points 25590)
Bye Bye Shit stain. Too bad it wasn't a twofer.
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Habsfan16 - 225 days ago  - (Points 22030)
It definitely has to be a hobby for these niggers.
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JohnGalt - 225 days ago  - (Points 10945)
JaQuavion Slaton yep no surprise there. Could have saved his life if he was a Joe or John.....
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RealiJustinsane - 225 days ago  - (Points 11684)
I like dead Nigger a day stories, but there's only 365 days in a year.....
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saltine - 225 days ago  - (Points 3564)
Stop 6 in Fort Worth is a groid infested shithole. I Have lived in Dallas Fort Worth all of my life and I wont even drive thru there during the day.
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Darmax - 225 days ago  - (Points 19712)
Justifiable. In fact, every time a nigger dies it's justifiable. The world improves every time these unevolved apes drop dead.

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