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Alaska Airlines worker recorded throwing bags from plane

66 days ago, 1936 views
Alaska Airlines worker recorded throwing bags from plane. Alaska Airlines is looking into a May incident after video footage was shared of a worker carelessly throwing luggage from the airplane onto a cart below.
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RealiJustinsane - 66 days ago  - (Points 9359)
Without zooming in I'll say that's a Nigger! Black work quality....
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Borriz - 66 days ago  - (Points 1284)
i guess no flying with that shit air
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Kizzmyazz - 66 days ago  - (Points 4133)
"We care a lot"
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Dr.Jones - 66 days ago  - (Points 431)
yeah they sure do.. i wonder how they handle the animals.. cunts
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jig - 66 days ago  - (Points 545)
I dont even wanna imagine, you can expect anything from these assholes
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scorched_earth - 66 days ago  - (Points 13251)
Let me guess did he work for UP'S ,FED EX ,AMAZON etc before he certainly looks used to throwing luggage around like parcels
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Lilibet96 - 66 days ago  - (Points 3673)
Cutting corners in this day and age is going to get you caught, Cameras are everywhere, if not installed somewhere there is always this one person ready to record your ass!
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maxton123 - 66 days ago  - (Points 942)
Always buy cheap luggage with soft contents..