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Neymar's Rape Accuser Filmed Attacking Him In Leaked Video

105 days ago, 3017 views
Leaked footage of Neymar getting hit by lady who accused him of rape. A Leaked footage has emerged online of PSG Star Neymar and his rape accuser in an hotel room in which she attacked him.

Apparently filmed on a secret camera, Neymar can be heard saying, “No, no, no, do not hit me, no”

While the woman is yelling, “But I’m going to hit you. Do you know why? Because yesterday you attacked me and left me here alone!”

Many social media users have come to the conclusion that the entire incident was a “setup” and that the woman was trying to provoke him to hit her back and then cut the video to show only that part.

The accuser, who works as a model, admitted that she liked Neymar and wanted to have sex with him, but says that the situation changed after their first meeting at a Paris hotel.

“He was aggressive, totally different than the boy I got to know on the messages. Since I really wanted to be with him I said, OK, I’m going to try to handle this”

She went on to claim, adding that after some kissing, “he started to hit me… then he began to hurt me a lot, and I asked him to stop because it hurt”.

The accusations against Neymar surfaced last week, even though the alleged incident took place on 15 May 2018 at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe.

According to Trindade, the footballer was drunk and aggressive, and purportedly forced her to have sex with him against her will.

She claimed that she was in shock so didn’t turn to the police at the time.
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Wardy - 104 days ago  - (Points 4404)
Hate bitches who cry rape .....let me finish first
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Sackpuncher - 103 days ago  - (Points 274) Wardy
The crying usually helps me get there...
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Darmax - 104 days ago  - (Points 13964)
Of course he raped her, he's a nigger. Statistics worldwide prove this. He 'dindoonuffin', it was 'muh dick' that did it...

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PoorOldSpike - 105 days ago  - (Points 7370)
In the past whenever I heard women had been murdered or beat up I used to think "Poor cows", but nowadays I don't give a shit and think "They probably deserved it"..:)
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Habsfan16 - 105 days ago  - (Points 21287)
Women are money hungry whores.
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JohnGalt - 105 days ago  - (Points 6300)
Baby Mudshark....

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albobest - 105 days ago  - (Points 637)
Fucking dirty gold digger, sucking dicks for a living.
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 104 days ago  - (Points 15667) albobest
Yeah that sounds pretty accurate
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 105 days ago  - (Points 24014)
Daddy less bitch, applying the lowest of feminine trades and behavior.....
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Oonie - 105 days ago  - (Points 9594)
oh great was looking for this footage.. thanks lot OP

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