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Bodycam Shows Police Shootout During Instagram Livestream

91 days ago, 1717 views
Bodycam Shows Police Shootout During Instagram Livestream. Deputy video shows moment shots fired during Instagram Live. Orange County deputies say video shows Laforest Gray firing first.

In the video, Gray's wife can be seen standing in between him and authorities until a deputy comes up to her and grabs her arm. She stands still for a few seconds until she appears to be pulled out of the garage and Gray's direct view. "Get your hands off her," Gray can be heard saying. "Get your (expletive) hands off her." A few seconds after his wife is pulled out of the garage, shots are fired. Gray can be seen pulling a silver object out from his side, behind the car door, and then pointing it at a deputy while gunfire is heard.

An OCSO report states that Gray's wife was heard saying, "Don't get the gun" and "Put the gun away." She said these pleas were not intended for Gray and instead were aimed at the deputies at the scene.

"I just want to go ahead and say that my husband didn't shoot," she said. "I don't believe he ever shot."

Gray's wife said he may have been holding a garage door clicker, which is why she believes he reached into the car.

Though Gray was not shot by deputies, he was subdued after being bitten by a K-9. His wife is upset at what she said was a big misunderstanding.

"If police would have just left when I asked them to, because that's our business, everything would have been fine," she said. "It's really stressful to have to watch, to be pulled out of the garage and have to watch my husband be attacked by, like, 10 police officers and then a K-9 and them carry him past me by his arms and legs, with his stomach on the ground."

Authorities are actively investigating the shooting.
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crocodiledindu - 90 days ago  - (Points 8164)
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WigWearingHump - 90 days ago  - (Points 981)
He took one for the team. Thank you. Much appreciated.
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Habsfan16 - 90 days ago  - (Points 20821)
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RealiJustinsane - 90 days ago  - (Points 9359)
Hero status amongst the hard of thinking Nigger anti Po-Lease population! One can only hope for dozens of copy cats.....and cops with shotguns, or more accurate fire.....
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apachesmile - 90 days ago  - (Points 5872)
Comply all ya gotta do, don't make sudden moves and put your hands behind your head Chu Hoi position.
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RealiJustinsane - 91 days ago  - (Points 9359)
Smart assed Nigger's taking one for the team never get's old.....knowing it wasn't fatal does spoil it a little.
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Darmax - 91 days ago  - (Points 11487)
Another violent, worthless nigger getting shot...shame he wasn't killed.

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funtclaps - 91 days ago  - (Points 448)
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Habsfan16 - 90 days ago  - (Points 20821)
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