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Suspect doesn't comply

126 days ago, 1947 views
This incident is the perfect scenario in which the LVNR (lateral vascular neck restraint) is required. These officers fight with this subject for at least 3 minutes using all of the tools at their disposal with no compliance.

At one point the man grabs an officer, and only then are defensive strikes applied. When the third officer arrives (also a supervisor) he recognizes quickly that the only way this man will comply is through unconsciousness. As you see once the restraint is applied within 3-5 seconds the subject is rendered unconscious, instantly compliant, and receives no other measures for compliance. He is placed in restraints, and the video ends.

Use of the LVNR is a valuable tool for law enforcement, and should be properly taught on how to apply. The technique is not a “choke” which is the blocking of air.

The technique stops blood flow. When the brain stops receiving blood it temporarily shuts down. It’s the same principle of when you stand up too fast, and get lightheaded. It’s has no lasting harmful effects when applied properly. I encourage you to consult the policies of your department before using the LVNR, and to learn (and train) the technique.
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Meatsaw12346's avatar
Meatsaw12346 - 125 days ago  - (Points 1525)
Towards the end the black guy comes in but he sounds like a white dude. The guy giving commentary should get some sort of thing to hang up noting that he did something's gnarly.
TheRealDeal's avatar
TheRealDeal - 125 days ago  - (Points 1426)
They should have shoved that taser right int that greasy mexicans asshole... stupid illegals!
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 126 days ago  - (Points 9338)
It's called pain compliance for a reason. Idiot Yard Apes.
RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 126 days ago  - (Points 9571)
Twisting the ears has an immediate effect on even the largest of animals....
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 126 days ago  - (Points 23987)
Zap him until you run out of batteries on those tasers... He deserves it for having that haircut at his age...
Camptownladies's avatar
Camptownladies - 126 days ago  - (Points 573)
That hair cut screams Mexican.

Twofingers's avatar
Twofingers - 126 days ago  - (Points 34971) Camptownladies
ZaZ's avatar
ZaZ - 126 days ago  - (Points 851)
Is this the USA? Normally it's more like 'pew pew pew pew' followed by 'Hang in there buddy. Help is on the way. Stay with us.'
maxton123's avatar
maxton123 - 126 days ago  - (Points 1003) ZaZ
Well still he wasn't armed, just very very very stubborn.
COMMONSENZ - 126 days ago  - (Points 25590)
Beaner bastard!

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