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Brazilian police shoot from helicopter

93 days ago, 1777 views
While in pursuit of drug trafficking suspects, police unload a barrage of gunfire from a helicopter, in the middle of a heavily populated area.
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Siankovic's avatar
Siankovic - 92 days ago  - (Points 13142)
pow pow good shit
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WigWearingHump - 92 days ago  - (Points 981)
The Los Angeles police approve of this video and are looking into using it
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MooseKnuckle - 92 days ago  - (Points 103)
Oh snap...bullets flying into buildings all over the place. Wonder if any innocents were hit. Wait...strike that, no one is innocent in Brazil
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scorched_earth - 93 days ago  - (Points 13241)
Maybe the neighbor hood is so used to gunfire no one gave two shits everyone just went around their lives as normal
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schimmel.geovany - 93 days ago  - (Points 484)
Real life action and the best kind of that, I was sitting on the edge of my office chair following the copper shooting at the car.
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FUCKLL - 93 days ago  - (Points 2670)
wow good shit!!