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Dashcam video shows suspect shoot police officer during chase

43 days ago, 3127 views
More than a year after an officer-involved shooting in Knoxville, one of the suspects is convicted and the police dashcam video of the moments that led to the shooting has been released.

The dashcam video shows Knoxville Police Officer Jay Williams following a car for speeding, but when he attempts to pull the driver over, the car goes faster.

"What was an attempted traffic stop becomes a pursuit, leading William's cruiser and Wilson's car near Washinton Pike.

The dashcam captures more sound than viewers can see, but gives insight into the everyday risks officers face in the field. Williams, heard in the footage, remains calm and continues to update fellow officers on the vehicle make and model, even after being shot.

Ronnie Lucas Wilson, 31, opened fire on KPD Officer Jay Williams in January 2018. Knoxville police said Wilson used a shotgun and fired multiple times. Officer Williams was hit while conducting a traffic stop for a speeding violation.

Wilson fled the scene, his vehicle found the next day by police. He was wanted on an attempted murder warrant, he was believed to be a member of the Aryan Nation gang.

Nine days after Wilson fled the scene, he was found at an abandoned home on Calderwood Highway in Blount County just after 3 a.m.

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iLLeGiTiMo - 43 days ago  - (Points 437)
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apachesmile - 43 days ago  - (Points 3629)
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Koko - 43 days ago  - (Points 8241)
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Siankovic - 43 days ago  - (Points 11053)
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EvilJosh - 43 days ago  - (Points 295)
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jig - 43 days ago  - (Points 467)
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