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Two wounded in a fire on pleasure yachts in the city center of Dordrecht

43 days ago, 2937 views
Two people were injured in a fire on boats in the port of Dordrecht. Both are approachable and are treated on the spot.

The fire broke out around 5.45 pm 11-04-2019 in a pleasure boat on the Botermarkt, in the center of the city. The fire on the vessel transferred to another pleasure yacht. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The police say that the emergency services are on site and calls on bystanders to make room for the emergency services and not to come and see.

;A lot of smoke was released during the fire. The Zuid-Holland Zuid security region advises local residents to keep their windows and doors closed.
Tags: boat, fire, city
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carlos333's avatar
carlos333 - 43 days ago  - (Points 955)
That doesn't look very pleasurable
eneaspilo's avatar
eneaspilo - 43 days ago  - (Points 343)
turn the boats upside down bro
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 43 days ago  - (Points 6314)
Lol your right why didn't they think of that
tonsaars's avatar
tonsaars - 43 days ago  - (Points 100)
injured huh? how? burned their fingers while trying to start the fire for the insurance money?
MadLui_03's avatar
MadLui_03 - 43 days ago  - (Points 100)
looks like cheap crap.. meh..
Texboy's avatar
Texboy - 43 days ago  - (Points 13195)
i bet he let his friend take a dump in there and then he regret it so he had to burn it down
Mamalee's avatar
Mamalee - 43 days ago  - (Points 3316)
Or spider infestation
Lilibet96's avatar
Lilibet96 - 43 days ago  - (Points 1924)
The cause of the fire is not yet known. cough insurance scammers
EvilJosh's avatar
EvilJosh - 43 days ago  - (Points 295)
Destroying the evidence, Coke**
gtfo1's avatar
gtfo1 - 43 days ago  - (Points 7523)
wow.. food music and free fire entertainment.. which restaurant is this again?
Guilleromera's avatar
Guilleromera - 42 days ago  - (Points 656)
"Ye Olde Burning Yatchman"
Guilleromera's avatar
Guilleromera - 42 days ago  - (Points 656)
"Ye Olde Burning Yatchman"
Tyromansdz's avatar
Tyromansdz - 43 days ago  - (Points 115)
but did they dieded?
jig's avatar
jig - 43 days ago  - (Points 270)
Insurance scammers

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