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Bouncers refused to let black girls in the club in Dublin

165 days ago, 2766 views
Bouncers refused to let black girls in the club in Dublin. Id that Ed???? lolol
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carlos333's avatar
carlos333 - 164 days ago  - (Points 1073)
No monkeys tonight bitches.
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chowota - 164 days ago  - (Points 5150) carlos333
lmao carlos333 - Since LL I been fan of your comments, always cracks me up hahaha, so good to have you here. peace!

Meatsaw12346's avatar
Meatsaw12346 - 165 days ago  - (Points 1525)
Get in line you entitled nigger's, if you were trying to enter the club from where you're standing in the video, i wouldn't let your race card pulling ass in either accept I'd tell you nigger nights on Thursday's!
Darmax's avatar
Darmax - 165 days ago  - (Points 13958)
Smart move by the bouncers...shame we don't have footage of the TNB (typical nig behaviour) that led to TNB.
Habsfan16's avatar
Habsfan16 - 165 days ago  - (Points 21249)
Never trust niggers! I've seen a nigger rob a convenience store for beer and the guy working there came running towards me and some other guys to know where the guy went. And he had a bloody nose. I've almost been robbed walking back from my bank cash dispenser at night. Just a small ways walk from where i lived. I got to my street and these niggers (funny how there was like only two black family homes in my neighborhood) were waiting for me. The guy told me to give him my wallet. I hesitated and tried negotiating with him. Then he started grabbing something, a knife or gun. But as soon as i saw a van passing by i immediately rushed to it and yelled at the driver. I kept running the whole way back to my house. The guy ran back to his two pals in the car waiting and left. I also witnessed a nigger chef putting the rape drug into his female co-workers drink. I saw her as he was bringing her into a room. She looked totally empty shelled. So NEVER TRUST A NIGGER!!!!
Dimas's avatar
Dimas - 165 days ago  - (Points 1608)
My son works at a restaurant and this has happened to the staff at that restaurant on numerous occasions... someone creates a scene (cuts in line, starts a fight, abusive towards servers, disturbing customers with loud profanity) and then when they are asked to leave they whip the phones out and cry racism. Fuck right off with that bullshit.
Sackpuncher's avatar
Sackpuncher - 165 days ago  - (Points 274) Dimas
Oldest trick in the book
DangDang's avatar
DangDang - 165 days ago  - (Points 4758)
Good for him for not muddying up the water.
hmuller's avatar
hmuller - 165 days ago  - (Points 1213)
write a letter to the club owner, lol
alessandra79's avatar
alessandra79 - 165 days ago  - (Points 578)
boohoo racist wont let us in, boohooo
nkub's avatar
nkub - 165 days ago  - (Points 2302)
goto african club nibba
SkazzyRae's avatar
SkazzyRae - 165 days ago  - (Points 280)
people tired of trouble caused by your kind.. simple
jamesdd's avatar
jamesdd - 165 days ago  - (Points 1757)
Cute story now go pick a cotton bitch
emoen's avatar
emoen - 165 days ago  - (Points 179)
Good work guys.. keep the club clean
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 165 days ago  - (Points 339)
You hate whites, why dont you goto Dindu club bitch
EvilJosh's avatar
EvilJosh - 165 days ago  - (Points 621)
dindus cause so much drama... thats why
Gio's avatar
Gio - 165 days ago  - (Points 2274)
they are tired of the African people stealing the mobile phones and purses of the customers.
iwillms's avatar
iwillms - 165 days ago  - (Points 1501)
Its Ed_Beern lol jk :)
Borderlord's avatar
Borderlord - 165 days ago  - (Points 6608) iwillms
It's not him....he owns that club...……..:)
Zepeeh's avatar
Zepeeh - 165 days ago  - (Points 12444) Borderlord
hahaha, we love Ed :)

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