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Hypocritical Trump tells Russia to leave Venezuela while they occupy Syria

296 days ago, 2659 views
Hypocritical Trump tells Russia to leave Venezuela while they occupy Syria. Russia has said its troops will remain in Venezuela “for as long as needed” in a blunt rejection of Donald Trump’s demand they leave immediately.

In the latest indication the crisis in Venezuela is taking on elements of a proxy battle between the former Cold War rivals, a spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry said the troops had been dispatched to fulfil “military contracts”

“They are involved in the implementation of agreements in the sphere of military and technical cooperation,” said Maria Zakharova, according to the AFP, adding that the troops would stay there “for as long as needed”.

“Russia is not changing the balance of power in the region, Russia is not threatening anyone,” she said.

Russia’s comments came after Mr Trump this week told Russia to get out of Venezuela. At an event at the White House on Wednesday where he met Fabiana Rosales, wife of Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition leader who in January declared himself president and was quickly recognised by the US and around 50 nations, Mr Trump was asked about the presence of Russian troops.
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LEXUSS - 279 days ago  - (Points 263)
2 months later we will see that nice girl testifying : "Russian monsters took the babies out of incubators !!!!"

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PoorOldSpike - 295 days ago  - (Points 10024)
Somebody recommended LR to me, but as I'm a Trump fan I hope you're not going to make a habit of badmouthing him and America or I'm going back to LiveLeak and will tell them you're a bunch of lefty retards..:) PS- anyway LL usually says what country a vid is in, but LR doesn't, are we supposed to guess at it?
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Vega - 294 days ago  - (Points 139) PoorOldSpike
Bye snowflake!!I~~ I doubt anyone here will miss you If everyone got offended when someone else would say something "bad" this site would be deserted by now..
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Etoolfool - 295 days ago  - (Points 1163)
lmfao!! love the comment section on leakreality!! lmfao! you guys are nuts!!

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poopotamus - 295 days ago  - (Points 1065)
@Ima_Cher_Okee your funereal gon be same bruh.. nigga goin down yo

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iKantDrawl - 295 days ago  - (Points 1428)
That young man sitting next to Trump has nice hair.
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Gregormac - 295 days ago  - (Points 561)
suck Russian cock CUNT. we have tape he nailing a hooker in moscow.. our dog woof wooof fuck u
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paksyetph - 295 days ago  - (Points 6608)
trump is fucking stupid there

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