Hood Social Distancing Fight LOL

1971   2 months ago
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1971   2 months ago
Hood Social Distancing Fight LOL
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bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch hoe, bitch
If I catch Kung flu I will be out ten thousand dollars if I have to be hospitalized. That is if there is a bed because these dindus get treated for free.
Wait a minute… If they are there, how is McDonald’s fucking up orders and who is making fries? I’m totally joking. They don’t have jobs.
"She pregnant"
A. these things are perpetually pregnant.
B. Why the fuck is she acting the fool if she's pregnant?
C. Why doesn't someone kick her in the stomach repeatedly?
Ook! Ook! Jabba Dabba! Shafoonga! Ungawa!
Kinda looks like Fryswatters Nignog neighborhood
Walmart is going to only "allow" so many people in their stores due to the so called "crisis".
Here's a better idea. Just limit how many dindus you can have in the store at one time.
*** I'm guessing he put his chocolate in her peanut butter. ***
....Taxes just went up in all the surrounding white neighborhoods.... We gotta keep our nigger pets well fed!
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