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Guy set himself on fire, dies from his injuries

64 days ago, 3071 views
Guy set himself on fire, dies from his injuries
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SeeDCommand's avatar
SeeDCommand - 64 days ago  - (Points 788)
Looks to me like he took a swig of some strong shit then goes to light a smoke and gets a little surprise.
Appliantologist's avatar
Appliantologist - 64 days ago  - (Points 2969)
Amatuer,.. 4/10 didn;t get good coverage, panics, wasn't responsible with the fire he started.. You're supposed to go to your city's central square, douse yourself and wait till the camera's show up, reallying gasoline as needed.. Take a seat and avoid running just breath deep, you'll die in a couple minutes..
SirTopple's avatar
SirTopple - 64 days ago  - (Points 9269)
Shit,,, I thought I was the only one here grading peoples suicides. Great assessment.
Jussijustin's avatar
Jussijustin - 64 days ago  - (Points 5903)
so many wtfs, ...