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Cop interrupts street BJ in Vancouver, LOL

64 days ago, 3353 views
Cop interrupts street BJ in Vancouver, LOL
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SeeDCommand - 64 days ago  - (Points 788)
It's illegal to pay for sex because the governments cannot figure out how to extort there cut from the financial transaction.
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Appliantologist - 64 days ago  - (Points 2969)
Vancouver, where you can shoot up heroin on the street or block traffic and beat old up white guys trying to get home with no problem.. And these 2? wtf? get a hotel rooms ! I guess they don't have alleys in Vancouver? And the cops ffs... talk about cock blocking, they could have let them finish then arrested them.. so much wrong in such a short video.
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Borderlord - 64 days ago  - (Points 959)
Cool doll...……….
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mmk2569 - 64 days ago  - (Points 773)
cool story bro... blonde did good huh? lol
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Dr.Jones - 64 days ago  - (Points 327)
happy ending i see lol
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moises84 - 64 days ago  - (Points 4377)
No fux given hahaha nice
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SirTopple - 64 days ago  - (Points 9269)
I remember my chubby chasing days,,,,,,