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New Zealand attacker captured video

124 days ago, 6219 views
One of the gunmen identified himself on social media as a 28-year-old Australian named Brenton Tarrant. He described himself as a “regular White man” who comes from a low-income working-class family and had “a regular childhood.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that an Australian national was among the detained suspects.The man used a GoPro to livestream the attack on the Al Noor Mosque. The footage was promptly removed by Facebook at the request of police, but parts of it were published by local media. The POV-style video showed the gunman driving up to the mosque and taking firearms out of the trunk of his car.

The weapons contained inscriptions referencing famous European battles against Muslims and neo-Nazi slogans. One of the battles referenced is the 1683 Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire.

The man’s social media account has since been blocked.

Shortly before the attack, he published a 73-page ‘manifesto’ in which he vowed “revenge” against Muslim “invaders.” According to reports, he also wrote that he was inspired by right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

He apparently picked the particular mosque to attack because a church once stood at the same place. He also mentioned a 2017 terrorist attack in Stockholm where five people died. One of them was an 11-year-old girl, who the shooter wrote he would avenge.\\
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mrowe - 124 days ago  - (Points 0)
Achivment by US anti Islam policy as a new policy to introduce the new enemy after claps of Soviet unions in order convince western society to be present all around the world, and we are testing the fruit of lie we have been told... enjoy CUNTS
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Plinker - 124 days ago  - (Points 430)
its gonna be forgotten in 2 days.. but if its jews,, they all get together sing songs.. lmao world is fucking shit
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gwen83 - 124 days ago  - (Points 0)
When a jewish synagogue was attacked in america all the western world leaders threw their scull cap on and read from the Torah and called it anti semitism. punished by bombs... what about now??? cmon show same pls
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Jussijustin - 124 days ago  - (Points 7424)
You are right, nobody questioned that lot as 'invaders running the western media' did they?
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Jussijustin - 124 days ago  - (Points 7424)
scumbag may you die painfully for spreading hate and killing the innocent
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Dr.Jones - 124 days ago  - (Points 408)
Blonde white guy. Sounds like racial propaganda.
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jamesdd - 124 days ago  - (Points 1353)
all i can say is coward piece if shit.. fucking coward
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rRaTeD - 124 days ago  - (Points 903)
coward piece of shot, if you have ballz goto Syria and fight the armed terrorists..
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Digows - 124 days ago  - (Points 8458)
good they got the fucker.. imagine the damage he made it for New Zealand.. good work, fuckin moron!