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Robot learns to do back flips & withstand kicks

16 days ago, 1838 views
Robot learns to do back flips & withstand kicks.

A “virtually indestructible” four-legged robot capable of backflips and righting itself after being knocked over has come out of an MIT lab, and it wants to play with you. The mini-cheetah is the first quadruped bot to do a backflip – and even if it lands wrong, it can easily scramble to its feet as if nothing ever happened.

MIT’s latest creation is ultra-lightweight – a svelte 9kg – and designed to withstand whatever you can throw at it, which is great, until it becomes sentient and you have to escape.

There’s ample footage of the researchers kicking the bot, which could be not the best idea. There are plans to build ten of the things and loan them out to other labs for more researchers to kick. “I want to be able to pick up the robot and toss it, and just have it land on its feet,” lead developer Ben Katz told MIT News.

Developers say it’s perfect to “share and play.” But those ‘bots from that Black Mirror episode probably thought they were “sharing and playing” too.
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Hellsbells's avatar
Hellsbells - 15 days ago  - (Points 100)
haha awesome
iKantDrawl's avatar
iKantDrawl - 15 days ago  - (Points 497)
Where did you find footage of Trump in the white house?
nkub's avatar
nkub - 16 days ago  - (Points 60)
A weird alien dog... send him to mars..
bubatanka's avatar
bubatanka - 16 days ago  - (Points 168)
Why this thing is not on Mars yet???
maxton123's avatar
maxton123 - 16 days ago  - (Points 220)
that robot is already better than my lazy cat
paksyetph's avatar
paksyetph - 16 days ago  - (Points 702)
Here we go again with the robot abuses! where is the liberals?
Cjhew's avatar
Cjhew - 16 days ago  - (Points 178)
but can it walk my dog for me ? maker me sammich?
bugznta's avatar
bugznta - 16 days ago  - (Points 254)
I already started feeling bad when it got pushed
Gregormac's avatar
Gregormac - 16 days ago  - (Points 100)
Boston dynamics wants to know ur location
adamjr's avatar
adamjr - 16 days ago  - (Points 393)
why elloooh terminataah
Rookslabs's avatar
Rookslabs - 16 days ago  - (Points 215)
lmfao idiot!
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 16 days ago  - (Points 100)
2019 awww s is cute, 2045 “human race face extinction due to fight against robots
EvilJosh's avatar
EvilJosh - 16 days ago  - (Points 228)
1:27 - shitmyself laughing. lmao
Gio's avatar
Gio - 16 days ago  - (Points 100)
I have a feeling this robot will be great for back massages haaaaa

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