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Correctional Officer Charged After Footage Shows The Mistreatment Of An Inmate!

118 days ago, 1808 views
A Ramsey County sheriff’s correctional officer resigned last week, a year after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with his treatment of an inmate on April 13th, 2016.

After Travis VanDeWiele pushed on Terrell Johnson’s head and Johnson complained of excessive force, VanDeWiele responded, “You ain’t seen excessive force yet” and punched the restrained man four times in his abdomen or chest area, according to the criminal complaint against VanDeWiele. Johnson, then 24, was having a hard time talking, but he managed to say, “Please don’t kill me,” the complaint continued.
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Stheno - 117 days ago  - (Points 157)
unqualified nobody
SirTopple's avatar
SirTopple - 118 days ago  - (Points 9294)
Lol,,,, he punched like a pussy,,,,,,,
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rRaTeD - 118 days ago  - (Points 872)
well welll well.. sue sue sue
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Oonie - 118 days ago  - (Points 7192)
Correctional Officer was just Correcting him, cmon

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