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Driver loses control on snowy road, slams into patrol car

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Driver loses control on snowy road, slams into patrol car.

Police are pointing to a just-released dashcam video to warn drivers to be careful while driving in winter weather.

The video from the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office in Iowa shows a car suddenly slide into view, going sideways right off the road and into the back of another deputy's car. The accident happened Sunday, when two deputies were at the scene of a car in the ditch near Waterloo, Iowa. The out-of-control vehicle slid right in between the two deputies' cars and kept going off the road after hitting the back end of one.

The deputy wasn't in his car when the accident happened and wasn't injured; the driver who caused the crash also wasn't injured.

Sheriff Tony Thompson urges drivers to be careful if they have to travel in the winter, saying most accidents can be avoided if people watch their speed.

"Our best advice is not to travel when the road conditions deteriorate, if you must travel; we really need motorists to slow down," Thompson said.
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