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Surveillance video Glendale police release new angle of violent traffic stop

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Surveillance video Glendale police release new angle of violent traffic stop.

Disturbing bodycam video shows Arizona cops tasering a man 11 times, including on the testicles, as his horrified family scream for them to stop. The police are now being sued for “excessive force and torture.”

The nightmare tasering began when Glendale police officers approached a vehicle for a signal turn violation in July 2017. Johnny Wheatcroft was in the front passenger seat, while his wife Anya Chapman and their 11 and six-year-old sons sat in the back. A friend of the family was driving.

Officers Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey asked Wheatcroft for his ID and he enquired why he had to show it, as he was not driving the vehicle. Police allege he went to stuff something in his backpack, and, after pressing the taser against his arm and telling him to “relax,” Schneider twisted Wheatcroft’s arm behind his back and pulled him from the car while still restrained by his seat belt.

Another officer held a handgun to his head and Wheatcroft was kicked in the groin.

According to the suit and the police’s own admission, the officers used a “drive stun” method, in which the taser is pressed against a person before being fired. Glendale police also released a 30 second CCTV video of the incident taken from a distance. The pair were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and physically resisting arrest.

They were both in jail for months as they couldn’t afford bail before Chapman pled guilty to a lesser charge so she could be released to look after her children.
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kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 189 days ago  - (Points 325)
retard got what he deserved, well done coppers
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Gio - 189 days ago  - (Points 1720)
follow the rules dont get tased cuck, go cops!
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Dimas - 189 days ago  - (Points 1250)
"Disturbing Video" Hahaha... the guy: a.) refuses to give id or name b.) appears to be hiding something in the seat c.) does not exit the car when told to do so d.) when they try to detain him he resists e.) The police use the tools given to them to get the guy under control f.) When the cuffs are on him there is no use for the taser and they stop using it g.) He is unharmed and refuses medical treatment The only thing "disturbing" is the fact this idiot would choose to do this in front of his kids and traumatize them in the process. Shitbag