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Chicago Officers Save Dog and Man from Frozen Lake Michigan

82 days ago, 1806 views
Chicago Officers Save Dog and Man from Frozen Lake Michigan&.

A man was walking his newly-adopted dog in a Chicago park for the first time when Pika — a 9-month-old American Eskimo mix — started running toward Lake Michigan.

Pika was “very excited” and headed toward an icy ridge that formed near the lake, the dog’s owner wrote in a letter published by the Chicago Police Department. The man wished to remain anonymous.

“I saw him disappear over the ridge,” the man wrote. “I ran up and looked down six feet to see him paddling in freezing cold water.”

The man knew he didn’t have much time to save 19-pound Pika, so he jumped into the icy lake to rescue his pup.
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Cjhew - 81 days ago  - (Points 181)
good job sir, respect!!

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