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UK: 1 Dead Multiple Injured In Birmingham

559   2 months ago
Makevelius | 67 subscribers
559   2 months ago
Last Night in Birmingham UK, someone has walked through Birmingham City and stabbed multiple people,

2 of the victims were stabbed in their neck and subsequently 1 of them has died.

The police are stating this is not hate related as the people are not connected in any way and to not be afraid but be vigilant as the person responsible is now on the run with a murder charge.

The police have said they have seen an increase in violence with young males across the region.
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DarthMaul LR User
Based on seeing 100s of such incidents before, this perp walked off a dinghy - he's an illegal migrant.
(This is likely why authorities covered up his description for a day, then slightly blurred the face of the pictures they released when they did - it's noticeable if you know what to look for, otherwise it just looks like poor CCTV)
From having tracked the migrant invasion in Europe's Mediterranean Sea in 2015 and what happened after - the UK now can expect many such "random stabbings" on their streets. It became very common in Germany. There have been a number of daylight gang rapes recently (Liverpool hotel gang of 6, Southsea gang of 4), and you can also expect them to start burning the hotels at some point.
2cents LR User
Is anyone surprised to hear it was an immigrant Jogger?
DhokraOwl LR User
What an embarrassment that nation has become.
Makevelius LR User

A man has been arrested 4am this morning in his home in Selleyoak, Birmingham.

People are now wondering how he could walked for over 2 hours and continue stabbing people.

It is still NOT being treated as a terrorist or a hate crime.