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Video shows water bursting through doors at Norwood Hospital

2342   28 days ago
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2342   28 days ago
For the first time, we're seeing video from inside a hospital struck by catastrophic flooding in June. Eight weeks later, the hospital is still undergoing repairs with no target date for reopening.

The footage shows walls of water breaking down doors, picking up boxes and filling hallways with several feet of rushing water.

On June 28, more than 4 inches of rain fell in Norwood in approximately 90 minutes. In low-lying areas, like the parking lots outside the hospital, several feet of water collected rapidly.

The Town of Norwood declared a state of emergency because of the storm.

The next day, hospital employee Manoch Sigue compared the flood to "something out of the Titanic."

Surveillance videos obtained exclusively by NewsCenter 5 shows why.

One video from the basement of the hospital's Lorusso building shows the water as it begins to flow through the gap between two double doors at 4:42 p.m. The floor of the hallway begins to flood with a couple inches of water.

Suddenly, the door on the left bends and the gap between the two doors becomes wider. The water begins to rush into the hallway at a much faster rate, moving a chair and other items.

Around 27 seconds later, the door buckles completely and the volume of water outside becomes clear. The incoming wall of water is higher than the handles on the doors.

Everything in the hallway is pushed out of view of the camera by the rushing water, and the second door gives way a few seconds later.
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10 paragraphs of commentary, and I still have no idea where this was, or what storm the flooding was caused by... Amazing.
water goes where it wants.
am i the only one laughing because of the Smart water display
" Hey, maintenance! ( on phone) .....send that mop woman, Beulah, to the basement. We got some moisture down here"
Curious to know what was in most of the cardboard boxes - I think if they were filled with just expanded polystyrene they couldn't have floated much higher!
Come play with us Danny.
Jeez that water is blacker than my soul...
Well good, Norwood got a good douche.
Dial 1- 800- Send- A- Sponge . . .
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