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Australians protests against the mistreatment of Indigenous people on ‘Australia Day’


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2179   4 months ago
LeakrealityFTW | 229 subscribers
2179   4 months ago
Thousands of people in #Australia defied public health concerns and protested against the mistreatment of Indigenous people on ‘Australia Day’, the national holiday marking the 1788 arrival of the British First Fleet that is known as ‘Invasion Day’ by Aboriginal people.
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FakreshalLamesh Level 2 Supporter
Indigenous people, ain't the same as niggers ?
EnglishTeacher LR User
For sure this is not in Tasmania!
SE Level 1
Looks like trash and professional protesters.
apachesmile LR User
Virtue signalling.
BruceWhite LR User
All these fuckers put together dont do one decent fucking job.
US Level 3 Veteran
A lazy and extremely stupid subspecies (even by nigger standards) who believe that they should be "tried" for their crimes before their own kind only, who will then see to it that they are released back into the community to reoffend again. Obviously there will need to be more millions spent on these parasite "programs", with the real victims being the white, taxpaying people weary of carrying these savages for decades...
DE LR User
It took these amazing aborigines 40,000 years to invent a stick you blow into and a stick you throw. Without the "invasion" they'd need another 40,000 years to progress to actually wearing clothes or using iron tools.
Tops LR User
If the white people left they'd all die
2cents LR User
And after a day of standing around, doing nothing, these flakes will go home to their air conditioned home, turn on the TV and go back to their lives AND NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED. I know parts of Sydney that were ghettos because of government homes for Aboriginies. Not even the police would patrol the streets surrounding that area.
US Level 2 Veteran
Just another jew propaganda campaign. Will the world ever ignore the way people look when they treat them? What about when their IQ is even lower than africans at 62. Which is why we should carefully breed healthy, smart, and attractive people. Instead of just let a bunch of retards crash into each other and shit out whatever fruity crap comes out.

These things are like a test of how brainwashed and disingenuous people are, they are there to intentionally create a false standard in our society to bolster policy, and in this case a vehicle for jews to benefit from. Sorry aborigines, you're like the ugliest group of people on earth, someone had to be, you smashed it! :)
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