Female bully gets what she deserves

5034   2 months ago
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5034   2 months ago
Female bully gets what she deserves
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Didn’t even connect tho lol she flopping tuff
Dumb cunt.... Try behaving like a lady from now on. I promise, it will be less painful than acting like a nigger.
Girl is so stunning so strong so brave, ahh wait thats the liberal narative
My Dad always taught me to never hit a woman, and that I should just Fuck them Good...Thanks Dad...your the Best.
Sweet ass, Shame about the face
Women are weird. They`d rather be with a guy that treats them like shit than a good guy.
Silly girl goes back for seconds. Must have a learning impediment... lol
My mom always told that if a girl is man enough to hit a man, then she’s man enough to get hit back.
Equal rights mean gotta take equal lefts too.
I didnt have sound.. was there sound?? Oooo I wanted to hear the slap...from body language I'd say that they have dated, he broke up or cheated , she was there confronting him and she stupidly acted tough and tried to slap him infront of his peeps.. got what she deserved she had her friend recording it... lol poor guy in 15 years this same girl is gonna a sue him for this occurrence lol
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