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Police Fatally Shoot Suspect After He Rams Vehicle Into Patrol Car 

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Police Fatally Shoot Suspect After He Rams Vehicle Into Patrol Car.
Officials have released video footage of a Nov. 28 incident in which police fatally shot a man who drove at them in his pickup truck, knocking a detective to the ground and damaging two police vehicles. Dash camera video shows an Eaton County Sheriff's deputy following Robert Claude Smith, 64, down rural roads before Smith turns around his pickup and drives directly at two stopped police vehicles.
Video captured by the deputy's body camera shows Smith driving at a patrol vehicle and smashing into it, forcing it into a detective's vehicle. The deputy had left his patrol vehicle and gotten out of the way before the collision. He began firing at the speeding pickup just before it struck the patrol car. The shooting occurred after the deputy attempted to serve a search warrant and felony arrest warrant at Smith's home.
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Nicholastic - 99 days ago  - (Points 5272)
Description doesn't match video. There isn't a pickup truck anywhere to be seen not to mention everybody is driving the wrong direction.
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devepixel2 - 140 days ago  - (Points 744)