BREAKING Prince Charles, 71 tests positive for COVID-19

1914   13 days ago
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1914   13 days ago
BREAKING Prince Charles, 71 tests positive for COVID-19. The Heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles has been confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prince has reportedly only shown mild symptoms of the virus, and is otherwise in good health.

The Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince's wife, has also been tested for the virus but did not test positive, but the Prince is now in self-isolation in Balmoral in Scotland.

Video: Sky News Australia
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Charles helped turn the UK in to the shithole it has become with all the imported shitholers. He should be forced to go to a hospital in East London with his pets to show how strong diversity makes us.
If a high royal prince can get it who is one of the most protected people in the world i'm pretty sure the regular everyday person can catch it too you might wanna think about that if you have a low iq and You're a outdoor's person.
hope this rich cunt who forgot his own culture bites the dust
Spread it to the whole family now.
Useless royal living off taxpayers his entire life.
... Namaste, culture cuck... Should have been looking after his own people instead of licking foreigners...
Hopefully Sir Rothschild and family will be next......
good job, now next one
Haha hope the rest of the royal inbreds have it
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