Armored robbery- Hollywood style shootout #SouthAfrica

2843   13 days ago
thebestman31 | 0 subscribers
2843   13 days ago
Armored car security officers take heavy fire from thieves. happened last year i think.
Tags: robbery
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Looks like they hit the guys refilling the ATMs.. Those tend to be pretty good hauls.. We'd sometimes get up to 2000 bank notes out of one...
The Thing about bank robberies is nobody has the guts too jump the guys from behind they all decide to crouch down on the floor slipping and sliding like snails.
South Africa?
Screw the money, we got toilet paper...!!!
LOL at the guy misjudging his leap through rails. And that guy on the floor, he's obviously seen a couple Die Hard movies.
Frederik Willem de Klerk was a villain.
Bring back apartheid!
Lol that first guy dove into the barricade... second guy did the smart move .. bust some cover shots and leave that shit and run
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