Israel Continues To Arrest Palestinian Children.

2264   13 days ago
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2264   13 days ago
Despite The #COVIDー19 Pandemic, Israel Continues To Arrest Palestinian Children.
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At least they didn't shoot to cripple or tie him to the hood so people wouldn't throw rocks..

Fuck Israel.. ever notice how ISIS never attacks Israel?
our largest ally in the middle east? WE DIDN'T HAVE ANY ENEMIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST BEFORE ISRAEL. Terrorists? of course not!
After they removed his suicide vest he was brought back to his terrorist parents.
Fuck those dune coons
Same children that constantly attack the Israelis with rocks, slings and knives?
IDF's chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime

it is permitted to "breach" the walls of modesty and "satisfy the evil inclination by lying with attractive Gentile women against their will
Israeli soldiers are one of the cruelest and morally bankrupt creatures world has ever witnessed.
no farting in public in Israel
Fuck the Israeli's and Fuck the hoax of the “ally in the Middle East”. You know, the same one that Torpedoed and Napalmed USS Liberty, 1983 barracks bombing, nuked us on 9/11, during the 2.3 trillion dollars missing in Pentagon audit, planted IED's, and deployed sniper teams in Iraq under the guise of Juba the video Sniper. Now currently unleashing this Zio-terror Bioweapon virus on the world.....
There's no such thing as muslim "children". Being muslim automatically gives them a green light to murder, thieve, and destroy, and muslim "children" do this often.
that kid is no angel.. fuck off
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