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Extremely Dangerous

7052   2 months ago
RaHoWarrior | 20 subscribers
7052   2 months ago
The state of "independent" journalism.
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"News" is dead.

People no longer watch the news for information.
They watch the news for affirmation.
Like these people are purveyors of truth...
Just goes to show how shameless fakestream media have become, reading off the same script and lying and misinforming us on a daily basis.
It's very sad when you can view ambulance chasing attorneys and used car salesmen in higher regard than so called journalists.
ohh btw, in GOOD news the former head of viacom and all round hollywood tycoon (they types who poisoned kids for profit for generations) croaked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumner_Redstone

viacom is evil
That's what happens when the same clique owns the majority of the media. You know, the clique obsessed about the Holocaust and the dangers of proud white countries.
These videos demonstrate perfectly how creepy these mouthpieces of billionaires are. It is actually "extremely dangerous" to the control the billionaires have, and is all about antidemocracy. We already understand the problem which is forcing the people to take action.
Who even watches legacy media anymore? Oh wait, there are those Biden/BLM supporters....
Bitch at -0.21 looks as if shes just had a stroke. And not the good kind.
The Ministry of Truth ...straight out of 1984.
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