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3050   6 months ago
brokjen420 | 118 subscribers
3050   6 months ago
Introducing mARAJUANACellery, did you miss tickTockVideos after getting banned? Miss seeing all those glorious food pictures and videos? Here is my LR FOODIE Video!

I went to the Doctor to Get Marajuana Medically Recomended for my broken bone I had 18 Years ago and then I told the Doc I dont like SMoking beacuse it hurts my lungs and even a VAPE didnt seem to help. So for the Benefit of all LR KIND I shared the ingenious recepie that gives Used Burnt Vaporized weed a whole New role that was recomended to me by a Licenced MEdical Doctor. THis is Cannabis Cellery with some Honey Peanut Butter Smeared on Previously SMoked Weed or the weed leftover from my Vaporizer (Yucky Brown Shit). I have this on a Doctors recomendation that the Marajuana plant material still contained a Large amount of fully activated Medicine (the good stuff) and That Cellery Stick meal will get me High as Fuck and have me feeling great. Remarkably with the enormous amount of Peanut butter I laid on there I didnt taste a thing. It was kinda like eating chunky peanut butter but with tiny chinks... Chunks and so I highily recomennd the Marajuana Peanutbuter Cellery Stick for your enjoyment.

-There was no recomended Dosage instructions provided with my Verbal recepie. I put way to much on there so if you try this take it easy Im high as balls right now.

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