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He Will Not Divide us


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1656   8 days ago
Doctor_Right | 30 subscribers
1656   8 days ago
Remember this shit. Shia LaBeouf art installation designed to brain wash the American youth into thinking Trump was the bad guy! Then the KeK group on 4chan went and disrupted the whole thing. Then Shia LaBeouf moved the installation to another part of the country and 4chan studied the stars and plane flight paths to find the flag and cut it down. Americans love a good cult don't they? They will literally follow a movement without knowing its real motives fucking brain dead idiots who will sit back and watch their country get taken from them. You should have kept Trump but now you have Biden a complete retard and puppet as your president. He Will Not Divide us hahahahahaha well Trump wasn't trying to divide you fucktards and now look at you paying more taxes and having everyone flood your country and soon you won't have guns. Brain washing brought to you by Shia LaBeouf
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