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Drunk Driver leads Police on chase, ending in crash through doors.


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704   9 days ago
Leviathan | 190 subscribers
704   9 days ago
Crash @00:40
According to the police, the day before the culprit of the accident had a conflict with the security guard of the car dealership. The arrived law enforcement officers wrote out to the visitor a protocol under the administrative article on hooliganism. The second visit came out much louder and caught the lens of the patrol car's recorder.
Law enforcement officers released footage of the pursuit of the violator, who arranged several road accidents in Krasnoyarsk-the pursuit fell into the lens of the recorder installed in the patrol car.

As reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in the Yemelyanovsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a driver addressed traffic police officers, who reported that he noticed a car, which, according to his assumption, was driven by an intoxicated motorist.

The inspectors decided to check this information and tried to stop the specified vehicle, but the man who was driving, did not obey the requirements of law enforcement officers and tried to escape.

During the chase, the reckless driver and the police chasing him were in the city of Krasnoyarsk, where the driver crashed into the traffic police trying to block his car.

After some time, the violator rammed the car dealership building, damaging one of the expensive cars inside – this was the end of his "race".

"Also, the police found that the day before the man came to this car dealership. There was a conflict between him and the security guard of the organization, " the regional State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed, adding that the guards drew up a protocol on the visitor under the administrative article on hooliganism.

Now, several reports on administrative offenses have been drawn up against the 34-year-old detainee, including for disobeying the legal requirements of the authorities, driving at a traffic light that prohibits traffic, entering the oncoming traffic lane, leaving the scene of an accident.

In addition, the man was sent to undergo an examination for a state of intoxication, the results of this procedure are not yet specified.

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