Triggered over a parking spot

2125   2 months ago
Jmiller | 27 subscribers
2125   2 months ago
Black fella triggered when told not to park at disabled parking spot
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Shitskinned niggers always somehow acquire handicapped plates and placards. They love to use and abuse the system, should exterminate every last one of them.
2 fat fucks arguing over kfc's family bucket covid-19. when you are ready you know what to do.
1. Put car in gear
2. Roll the window up to where he could barely reach through it
3. Keep finger on roll up window switch
4. Call him a nigger
5. When he reaches in at you Roll window up trapping his arm in window
6. Floor it!
Guy with the go pro looks like guy who looks for trouble to start a fight over small things. But parking in an handicapped slot when you aren't is a sign that you are a twat
Well he is a nigger so he is mentally handicapped.
Methinks this video ended a bit too abruptly.
Reason # 284 why I hate niggers. Always think they entitled to park wherever the fuck they want and if you call them on it, they want to fight, forcing you to stoop to their level or look like a bitch walking away. But if you put a bullet in his ass because chances are he has a gun, you get to go to jail, stand trial, lose everything you've got including your rights.
You get up on me like that in my car and you will be looking down the barrel. Just kidding. I would drive off and yell nigger.
Another NIGGER doing what niggers do.....being STUPID and APE like.....
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