French Dindu idiot

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2750   2 months ago
Paris: a passerby does not want to respect the total containment measures

She shouted:
- "Let me have the #coronavirus you will get it too and then started coughing - which end up getting arrested.
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If this was the KGB (Russian secret security) things would have been a little different. That situation would be avoided in an unfortunate way
Looks like the fucking shitheads weren't told not to draw on the walls when they were kids. Fucking shitheads. In Eastern Europe we have also a problem like niggers, called gypsies
Why is it so impossible for them to act like rational functioning members of society?
If Hitler had started with the brown, everyone would been down, and no one would've frowned.
Fuckn frogs...…………...
...The real global pandemic is niggers...
Looks like Indian dindu - Gypsy
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