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Benefits and how your membership helping LeakedReality.

LR is built by a small team that 100% stands against internet censorship.

Censorship is now hitting everywhere, the suppression of our free speech, the content, comments, whatever comes to your mind when you think of the internet.. soon you won't be able to find a place to express yourself as you do on LR..

Unfortunately as in everything running a site like LR comes with a cost.. LR does not generate enough revenue to cover all the expenses. Unlike our competitors we don’t receive large monthly donations or ads incomes. There are very few donations and 80% of the sites users are using AdBlock..( LR no longer serves ads) Sad but true… Luckily we have a plan, and obviously we need YOUR support to deal with the censorship and address the financial issues as well. !!!!!-> -LR IS AD FREE <- due to content restriction from advertisers, mean we cannot serve ads in here without censoring videos, comments and other content --- !!!!

LR is entirely community funded and therefore needs your help to keep the platform available long term, fight the censorship so every bit matters and is very much appreciated. We are doing our best to cover all the expenses since 2017. And quite honestly due to many users PAYPAL privacy concerns (which we do understand) we don't really get enough donations to run this site..

With the amount of traffic we could easily place ads to cover all that but then..

ADS = No freedom, that goes for comments or uploads. We wont even allow to host street fight videos.. .. So in order to protect the sites freedom, integrity and the core values, we are going to start VIP membership..so we can continue rolling with your support..

So, in order to secure the leaked reality’s future, keep it censor and ad free, - we have developed membership levels with perks, which will allow us to protect the site from outsiders allow us to purchase more servers for larger files and streaming, will provide more funds for the further development, keep it ad free and also award the supporting members to have ‘only access’ to these sections, + LR merchandise, own secure email accounts and many more to VIP level members.

We need to raise additional $1500 monthly to run LR

Servers - $500 monthly
Bandwidth for CDN servers- $1000 monthly
Part time developer *- $1000 monthly (We cover this ourselves)
(For none stop development and server maintenance & security)

You can easily calculate yourself to see the bandwidth cost min 100TB m/ https://cdnsun.com/pricing#costs-calculator

What we are going to give in return as VIP membership

- Protected area access.. This is the new reality.. so, in order protect the content.. members, comments etc.. we are going to make a deeper section.. so no one is going to tell us what we can, what we cannot.. what to post what not to post..

- Protected ONLY VIP area access, its a whole new categories section and it has nothing to do with what we have already have, no changes there..

Watch Longer videos even more uncensored videos.
Live Chat
Debate section
Download section
Only VIP section
Free 100% Encrypted email( coming soon)
Live streaming
More control who can reply to you
Wall post notifications and much more.
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