Crazy exboyfriend sets himself on fire on Facebook Live

3308   21 days ago
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3308   21 days ago
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Hmm, looked like someone threw something at him? And that is what actually ignited him. I can’t see how he could have lit himself up being soaked, that quick. I hear footsteps, he leans and braces for being hit, looks like he takes it off the head, and a split second later it’s BBQ time.
i can here nigger music playing. it all adds up.
Yeah, that'll teach her. Geesh…
He needed more gas, one can wasn't enough.....
Come back in the shot, toasty! What was the point otherwise?

God they should offer class for such video. There is only one chance to get it right.
Looks like he didn't think that one out very well... changed his mind a second too late?
How fucking pathetic can a man be? Burn yourself over a woman?! There is NO pussy worth that much. Even though women want you to believe their worn out snatch is.
White people have nothing to live for man
Steel gas can spark changed the timing........Once again, they always run....
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