Body cam footage shows a Richmond County deputy smash a man s glasses and flip him off

316   23 days ago
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316   23 days ago
The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deputy's actions during an incident that happened on Saturday, July 4, on Washington Road.

Body camera footage captured the entire incident from the dashboard of a patrol vehicle. In the video, deputies are following behind a dark grey truck on John C. Calhoun Expressway in an attempt to pull the vehicle over. The truck fails to pull over and continues onto Washington Road. The video shows the truck continues for a couple of miles and is eventually stopped by Beverly Drive, where multiple deputies can be seen pulling the driver out of the vehicle and forcing him to the ground.

The sheriff's office confirmed the driver of the truck is 34-year-old Ricky McNair. As deputies put McNair in the patrol car, you can hear him telling the deputies he was having an emergency. Shortly after, the video goes on to show one deputy, confirmed by the sheriff's office to be Caleb Pye, walk in front of the patrol car, kick McNair's sunglasses in front of him, stomp on them, and then turn to walk toward the truck before turning and flipping off McNair, who was sitting in the patrol car.

McNair was arrested and charged with obedience traffic control devices and fleeing or attempting to elude officer. The first charge means that at some point, McNair failed to stop at a stop sign or stoplight. His bond is set at $1,340.
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