Schenectady police release body cam footage of alleged neckhold arrest

828   23 days ago
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828   23 days ago
Schenectady Police are releasing more information in regards to a controversial arrest that occurred Monday, in which video posted to social media showed a Schenectady Police officer placing his knee on the head of a suspect.

The man under the knee of the cop has identified himself as Yugeshwar Gainderpersaud.

In an update on the investigation into the incident released Wednesday, Schenectady Police identified the officer involved in the incident as Patrolman Brian Pommer.

Police say he’s been working seven years with the department, and that Patrolman Pommer is currently on desk duty during the review process.

The incident is being reviewed by the department’s office of professional standards.

Police Chief Eric Clifford said Tuesday that the use of the neckhold was a result of the suspect resisting arrest.
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