The moment of collision with a three-year-old child hit the video

2339   15 days ago
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2339   15 days ago
A traffic accident video appeared on the network last Friday in the parking lot at the Yugra Mall shopping center in Nizhnevartovsk. He posted an account nv86_crab on Instagram.

As our portal reported earlier , a three-year-old child fell under the wheels of a car. The driver did not call the traffic police and left the scene. They later found her.

As can be seen in the footage, the child tried to cross the roadway in front of the car, although his mother remained standing still. The driver did not have time to react and hit the baby.
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3/10 he cot right to the center of the car but didn't stop so his momentum carried him off center. He also mistakenly choose a car in the parking lot so his hang time was completely negated.

What the machine translation left out.

The driver stopped but the lady was not interested in calling the cops about her son. She only took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a head trauma and torso injury. Only when they hospital inquired did she mention there was an accident. The police took it upon themselves to see if the story was true.

Nothing is going to happen to the driver, but the cops will probably write her a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident, she should have called the cops herself if despite the mother taking the kid away.
Put that special kid on a leash
That whore of a mother couldn't watch her kid a bit more carefully?
Walk it off Ivan, strong, like bull.
was the fckng driver blind?
Loved the kids, Hollywood stunt skid as he slid across the tarmac.
Poor kid panics and takes off running. Confucius say: Good judgement comes from experience. And experience? Well, that comes from poor judgement.
Fucking white people, can't even watch their own kids.
The kid is an insurance scammer. Looked pretty real though,...
He looked RIGHT at the vehicle, and said "mommy, is this how daddy did it and got a lot of money?"
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