A car crushed a girl rushing about on the road

1439   15 days ago
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1439   15 days ago
A video of a traffic accident involving a 17-year-old pedestrian published last Friday evening, June 26, got under a car in the Mines of the Rostov Region.

According to local media , the girl began to cross the road to a traffic light. At that moment, when she crossed the roadway, the green light was replaced by red.

One of the drivers signaled, hastily man, after which the girl panicked and literally rushed to the sidewalk, abandoned a few seconds ago.

This maneuver was a complete surprise for the man who was driving the Lada - the car ran into a falling pedestrian and dragged him along the asphalt.

The victim escaped relatively easily, but still could not do without hospitalization. It is known that bruises, abrasions and lacerations were found in her.
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Her fault and the driver had slow ass reaction times
Well...now that’s on camera for her grandchildren to see.
Way too young to die.
Lucky girl
Always the driver's fault, can't start moving until you're sure the road is clear.
She was like nope, nope that brown baby is not gonna wait. Mother fucker is coming right now... sheeeet
What the fuck was she thinking.. Lights were on but there sure was nobody home.
she closed her eyes and downed her head and started running back...as the problem going to disappear by such actions...typical women, and they have the right to vote ! give me a break. the world is fucked.
although I feel sorry for the women in this video.
just like in the movies, a woman starts running and then immediately falls over, guess some stereotypes are true!
what a moron! she doubles back without looking!!?
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