EU warns Israel - Annexation Plan violates International Law

2759   15 days ago
SailorDave | 32 subscribers
2759   15 days ago
EU urges Israel not to annex settlements in the West Bank ..
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Fuck the EU. Fuck the chinks. Fuck everyone. And Israel. Fuck em all. Especially the French. And any place ending in Stan.
Fuck the EU ...
Fuck the Zionist assholes, they've already annexed the former United States, while still playing the victims......Kissinger said Israel will cease to be by 2025....
Why didn't the EU condemn the selling of mineral rights for Syria's Golan Heights to Genie Energy? Ohh.. because they are cucked to big oil.
Who cares what they think? Israel has ever right to ALL of their territory, and more.
Now that Jews have a country they can all go back there. Thank you. And take with you multiculturalism, antiracist organization, critical (pseudo) theory, feminism, marxism, the school of Frankfurt, the school of Vienna, and all those ideas that try to destroy the idea of white ethnic cohesion.
lol! I am for Israel annexing, and UN can go fuck themselves. These UN cunts need to remember who created UN and who hold veto powers.
The EU is a bunch of cowards that get stepped on by the rest of the world.
They'll end up in Hitler's hands again so they don't stoke the sleeping bear.
Whatever they do or not do, there will never ever be peace in that region. Stoneage collides with Bronzeage.
Go Israel I support you! Looking forward to going back and visiting.
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