A deadly confrontation between a passerby and an armed rowdy

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5513   15 days ago
In Novomoskovsk, located in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, a 24-year-old boy confronted an armed man and was killed.

The incident occurred on Sunday, June 28. According to eyewitnesses, the killer made an indiscriminate firing on a city street, and then began to shoot accurately at a young man who tried to curb him.

The victim was hospitalized with a shot through the inguinal artery and died in the hospital the next day.

Police detained a 42-year-old shooter. According to their information , the signal gun turned out to be a murder weapon, artificially redone for the use of traumatic cartridges.
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Rockin the auto translate there bud. Fucking traumatic cartridges. Brilliant!
LOL never take your fists to a gun fight. Seriously what was he thinking. The key to a hand guns is to get just a little distance for accuracy falls off quick.
On your marks, get set.... Die!
A signal gun to murder /death /kill conversion , lol
That was silly
lol... weird way to say the starter pistol was modified to shoot live rounds.
That`s a good way to take down a guy that is bigger and taller than you.
Someone shoots a warming shot over your head.. Do you:
B. Run up to him so he won't miss??
as soon as you see a gun, you should run.
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