Dangerous overtaking led to the death of two people

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2196   1 month ago
Frames from the wagon registrar were published, head-on colliding with a van on the Perm-Yekaterinburg highway. The accident, which claimed two lives, occurred on Saturday morning, June 27, in the Sverdlovsk region.

Judging by the frames, the driver of the Hyundai Porter car drove into the oncoming lane to overtake the truck. Noticing a heavy truck moving towards him, he began to slow down and lost control.

The van drove to the side of the road, crashed into a fence and bounced back onto the roadway, where it collided with a wagon.

As reported in the press service of regional police, the incident killed two people - a man born in 1986, who was driving a Hyundai, and his passenger was born in 1988.
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In slo-mo, the passenger wearing a white long sleeved shirt/jumper and white pants heads over to the driver's side and looks like he is trying to bail out just before impact with the truck.
sad Russia, very poor people who have no money to repair
old cars brakes more mechanical drunk without spare parts
it was a murder of who repaired the brakes
immediately see right brakes not working
Of course it had to be in shithole drunk-DNA Russia.
I wonder if they held their hands up to protect their faces before impact