Pelosi refers to George Floyd as George Kirby

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3297   1 month ago
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refers to George Floyd as George Kirby.

Earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference in which she was speaking about naming a police reform bill in honor of George Floyd by request of his brother. But in so doing, Nancy Pelosi referred to him as George Kirby (or some heard George Curry)

While name slip ups are understandable in certain contexts, here the specific goal was to REMEMBER George Floyd, and so mixing up his name is disrespectful. It also shows that Pelosi will perform progressive policies, but won't implement them, such as when she kneeled and wore a Kente Cloth Scarf.
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OMFG term limits! Listen to her stammering, babbling, mumbling, incoherent mess. My god. She is a "leader"? Are you fucking kidding me.
This cunt starting drinking way to early today !!! I hate this bitch and can’t wait until the day she dies, I just pray it’s not a natural death
Close, George Kirby is a dead black man too.
I see she's taken to wearing a Dr. Brix type scarf. Does wonders in hiding this old bitches turkey neck. Her and Rip Van Biden need to have a sleepover. During the night they can help each other change their Depends underpants.
Who's dumber....her or Sleepy Joe?
It would be hilarious if there was a slave owner named George Kirby.
George Kirby was black, he was a singer and comedian, he got busted and did time for Coke and heroin.
Died from Parkinson disease.
So It's easy to see how Nancy mixed the two up.
Stupid drunk pandering bitch. Slurring her words and forgetting the greatest nigger of all's name. LMAO
Excellent, we've entered the "George Who?" memory hole, requiring MSM reminders.
...Believe_Women is going to pass up a good opportunity to comment, "Ooooh!!! Pelosi is my idol!! She's the greatest politician because she's got a gash the size of Mothra!!!"...
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